John Bryan
Mon, 05 Apr 2004 08:24:43 PDT
Dear Cindi:

Lift the Hyacinths, let the foliage die back while keeping the bulbs in
a shaded airy place. When foliage is easy to remove, remove it, i.e.
when died back completely, clean earth off the bulbs, discard any that
are damaged, store in old panty hose in cool airy place then plant again
this fall. If you move the bearded iris now you risk loosing flowers
this year. But discard any old rhizomes, planting only young, light in
color portions, add a little lime if soil is acid, do not bury but after
watering them in, you should see the back of the rhizomes just, I mean
just, breaking the soil. Cheers, John E. Bryan

Cindi Coffen wrote:
> hi all,
> i have some lovely hyacinthus orientalis in my garden that have bloomed
> beautifully for some years.  now i would like to relocate them as the
> flowers die back.  what i would like to know is whether it is safe to
> relocate them before the leaves have died back?  i find that it is easier
> to see where they are that way <g>.
> any thoughts on these and on the transplanting of narcissus and iris
> (tall bearded) early would be really appreciated.  i am in the process of
> overhauling my front garden and would like to showcase the bulbs and
> rhizomes :).
> thank you,
> cindi -  eastside seattle, zone 8, clay soil
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