Bonsaigai37@aol.com Bonsaigai37@aol.com
Mon, 05 Apr 2004 05:54:35 PDT
Hello Group,
I am going to be playing around with fertilizer.  In the past I have made 
various concoctions for my bonsai and other plants, this year it's going to be 
the bulbs.  Does anyone have suggestions for their own mixes or fertilizers?  

There are a few outstanding mixes in past issues of Herbertia for liquid 
feed.  I am trying store bought granular components and then supplying small 
amounts every week or so (hopeful not burning).  The ingredients I plan on using 
are nitrate of soda, muriate of potash, and super phosphate to supply 16-18-60.  
This will be applied mainly to the Amaryllids (read- common/expendable Dutch 
hybrid Hipps).  

Comments anyone?


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