Hippeastrom seed germination

Leo A. Martin leo1010@attglobal.net
Mon, 19 Apr 2004 20:48:24 PDT
While on the subject of floatation for flat black amaryllid seed, here's 
my experience with Paramongaia and Cyrtanthus.

One by one I floated some Paramongaia weberbaueri seed on water. Many 
molded. Of those that did not mold, many sprouted and then molded. Of 
those that sprouted and did not mold and then produced green shoots and 
then were potted up into sandy soil, all molded. So, I wound up with 
none out of about ten seeds, of which about 6 had actually sprouted.

I have success with Hippeastrum hybrids and Cyrtanthus using this method.

Too late, my source for Paramongaia seed told me she just plants the 
seeds in moist soil, and they sprout and grow.

I haven't had any trouble with shoots breaking. I use either a tool sold 
for plucking eyebrows which I also use for plucking hair from my dog's 
ears (NOT the kind with a pair of long curved jaws, and NO, I DON'T USE 
THEM ON MY OWN EYEBROWS EVER!) or a surgical clamp. I pick up the seed 
by the flat winged part, staying well away from the thick embryo. I set 
the sprout in a slit in sand for Hippeastrum (note it is spelled with a 
U not an O) and coir for Cyrtanthus. But then I have steady hands and 
great eyesight.

Be sure to wait for the green leaf to be well along before 
transplanting; I have lost most seeds I transplanted when just the white 
shoot was showing, even if the shoot had been very big.

Leo A. Martin
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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