California Monocot book

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 19 Apr 2004 20:08:46 PDT
Dear All,

In September 2002 I wrote about the book that has been in the works for a 
number of years about California monocots. Publication was delayed. It is 
now finally available. The title is Wild Lilies, Irises and Grasses: 
Gardening with California's Monocots. At the time we talked about it 
before, a number of people were interested in this book and I offered to do 
a group order. It is coming out in paperback and hardback at the same time 
so that most of the on-line services are only discounting the paperback, 
but for more that 25 %. If that is the version that most people would want, 
it would hardly seem worth my time to do a group order. The amount we'd 
save by the time I had to mail everything would be similar to what people 
could get on their own. If however, a number of people were interested in 
the hard back it might be worth the effort. I'm going to be away on a trip 
for most of the next month and I wouldn't have time to do this until June. 
Please write me privately if you are interested in a group order so I can 
get some idea about this and if so if you'd want the hard back or the paper 
back. To learn more about the book  I include the URL below. There is also 
a story about it in Pacific Horticulture that arrived today in my mailbox.

People who are eager to get this book right away can find the paperback 
discounted through and The hardback isn't discounted, 
but shipping is free.

Mary Sue

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