Solenomelus pedunculatus and latest BX

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 12 Apr 2004 07:46:29 PDT
Dear All,

I ordered seeds of this from the NARGS list after reading about it in the 
Innes book. I started the seed February 2003 having no idea when it should 
be started. It came up a month later and started blooming this year in 
March so that's another one for the one year group. I have no idea how 
hardy it is. It has new flowers every few days. It has bright yellow 
flowers so all of you who don't like yellow flowers should give it at a 
miss. I am really enjoying it. Gary called it one of those "understated 
plants that are extremely attractive when looked at closely."

I made a wiki page to add pictures so people could see what the foliage and 
flowers look like
The flower is very unusual and so there are pictures from a couple of 
angles. There are Clarkia leaves in my pictures as I let them reseed every 
year in my garden which is another reason why I took a picture just of the 
leaves. I got seed of another Solenomelus species from NARGS at the same 
time, but it didn't germinate until almost a year later. The first hit you 
get on Google   describes the flower as Gladiolus-like. Check out my 
pictures and see if any of you think this flower looks like a Gladiolus. I 

Arthropodium strictum (Dichopogon strictum) from Australia is called the 
chocolate lily because of its fragrance. Garry suggested growing it in 
light shade or morning sun and afternoon shade. Mine are just about to 
bloom so I should be able to add a picture to the wiki. I don't think I 
have a good picture from before but some of our Australian list members may 
have one and there is a picture of one in the ABA Gallery:

Julian Slade has written about Australian Native Bulbs on the ABA website 
for all of you who might be interested:

Mary Sue

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