Aroid issue

Jane McGary
Mon, 12 Apr 2004 10:13:57 PDT
The cover plant for the fall 2004 issue of the Rock Garden Quarterly is 
Arisaema triphyllum, and I'd like to feature not just this plant but also 
other aroids grown in North American rock and woodland gardens. I know that 
there are many Arisaema enthusiasts out there, and I hope some of you will 
contribute your observations and photos to this issue. Please consider 
writing a Plant Portrait (300-700 words, no photo necessary but photos 
welcome) on a single species or a close group; or a more extended article 
on a genus, techniques of cultivation (such as growing from seed and 
cleaning the seed, which require special attention in this family), or 
design with aroids.

Subjects should be restricted to non-tropical species; if you're flowering 
Amorphophallus titanum, I'm sure we'd all like to hear about it if not 
smell it, but it's not really a Rock Garden Quarterly topic!

Some topics I hope to hear about:
	--Select flower and leaf forms of Arisaema triphyllum
	--Arisaema dracontium, the "other American"
	--Biarum (please!)
	--Propagating the aroids
	--Arisarum (where is it winter-hardy?)
	--Seed collection and germination of hardy aroids
	--Arisaemas in garden design
	--Arum species suitable for the rock garden

The deadline for receipt of copy and photos is AUGUST 1, 2004.

Apologies to those who receive this twice -- I'm putting it on Alpine-L as 

Thanks much,
Jane McGary
Editor, NARGS

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