Recent Images on the Wiki #6

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 04 Apr 2004 10:54:25 PDT
Dear All,

It seems especially timely as the Leucocorynes I have courtesy of my friend 
Bill Dijk are starting now to bloom (something I look forward to every 
year) to say that I added two pictures of Bill's hybrids to the Leucocoryne 
page. For those people who don't know this genus I invite you to review 
Sheila Burrow's wonderful pictures, some of the first added to our wiki.…

I have been busy adding Lachenalia pictures to the Lachenalia page and have 
lots more still to add (if I ever have time.) First there are a lot of new 
Lachenalia aloides pictures: Lachenalia aloides aloides (Bill Dijk), 
Lachenalia aloides aurea (my favorite orange one, my pictures and one by 
Jana Ulmer), Lachenalia aloides var. we saw at Gordon Summerfield's and I 
lusted after. Lachenalia attentuata (donated by Mark Mazer to the BX) had 
nicely marked leaves. I also added a number of pictures of Lachenalia 
juncifolia (leaves, flowers), another really attractive one with cool 
leaves and dainty flowers. Lachenalia splendida is a nicely colored one 
with exserted stamens. The last two were pictures we took at Alan 
Horstmann's collection in South Africa. One was this tiny little Lachenalia 
mutabilis so different from the ones I am growing from Bill Dijk seed that 
are doing just fine in the ground (and in containers). Finally there is a 
picture of L. violacea that he was growing.…

Maybe that is enough to look up today.

Mary Sue

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