Crinum breeding: which features ?

Cynthia Mueller
Wed, 25 Aug 2004 16:33:24 PDT
Dear Kevin,

Yes, when Rhodophialas are all massed together and in bloom, they are
spectacular.  But then....nothing for another year.  So crinums are an
even better bet for spoiled modern gardeners (I want it big! and bright!
and in bloom almost 365 days a year!)

Of course, down here in heirloom Texas gardening circles, Rhodophialas
are a must, along with leucojum, grape hyacinth and narcissus.

And speaking of Rhodophialas, this morning I spotted a pink one, with
light lines on it, blooming underneath an Echinacea I had recently cut
back, in a flowerbed where I never had any Rhodophialas.  There are
three flowers on the stalk, and I self-pollinated the first flower. 
None of my usual R. bifidas are showing themselves yet, so I can't
cross-pollinate.  It could be that my habit of recycling container media
paid off somehow.  I did once  get some seed of pink R. from the Bx, but
they haven't emerged, and they have never bloomed.

I will attempt to send an image a little later.


Cynthia W. Mueller

>>> 8/25/04 5:21:35 PM >>>
But Cynthia,
(as all the rhodophiala bifida you sent last year are in full bloom in
bed), the Rhodophialas are spectacular when they bloom.  It just the
362 days, huh?
Kevin D. Preuss 

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