Crinum breeding: which features ?

Kevin D. Preuss
Wed, 25 Aug 2004 15:21:35 PDT
But Cynthia,
(as all the rhodophiala bifida you sent last year are in full bloom in a
bed), the Rhodophialas are spectacular when they bloom.  It just the other
362 days, huh?
Kevin D. Preuss

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> Dear Angelo,
> You mentioned... "in the last years I have gathered quite a number of
> Crinum, more than 40
> among species and hybrids and now many are reaching flowering size and
> this
> can be rather lengthy from seed for the pure species....
> But now I am changing my mind a bit. These flowers, although nice and
> scented, are very short lasting and if I wasn't been up very late that
> night
> a couple of weeks ago, I would have missed Crinum amoenum flowering
> which
> lasted one night only. The others don't last than two days. ...As
> crinums are often very cumbersome plants and personally I don't find
> them
> nice foliage plants apart asiaticum, I wonder if still make sense to
> grow
> them."
> I, too, don't think all crinums are a good deal, but some well chosen
> kinds give several days of flowering - almost up to a week in the case
> of Mrs. James Hendry or Emma Jones.  Then, they repeat.  Some of my
> Digweedii and milk and wine lilies throw up many stalks of flowers over
> the spring and summer.  So, I think they are garden-worthy.
> Actually, it's things such as Rhodophiala that don't last very long for
> me.
> Cynthia W. Mueller
> College Station, TX
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