Crinum breeding: which features ?

Cynthia Mueller
Wed, 25 Aug 2004 14:30:24 PDT
Dear Angelo,

You mentioned... "in the last years I have gathered quite a number of
Crinum, more than 40
among species and hybrids and now many are reaching flowering size and
can be rather lengthy from seed for the pure species....
But now I am changing my mind a bit. These flowers, although nice and
scented, are very short lasting and if I wasn't been up very late that
a couple of weeks ago, I would have missed Crinum amoenum flowering
lasted one night only. The others don't last than two days. ...As
crinums are often very cumbersome plants and personally I don't find
nice foliage plants apart asiaticum, I wonder if still make sense to

I, too, don't think all crinums are a good deal, but some well chosen
kinds give several days of flowering - almost up to a week in the case
of Mrs. James Hendry or Emma Jones.  Then, they repeat.  Some of my
Digweedii and milk and wine lilies throw up many stalks of flowers over
the spring and summer.  So, I think they are garden-worthy.

Actually, it's things such as Rhodophiala that don't last very long for

Cynthia W. Mueller
College Station, TX

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