more about Iris (I. virginica, 'Contraband Girl')
Mon, 30 Aug 2004 15:50:59 PDT

I really like this plant.  It grows quickly and flowers easily.  I keep it 
growing in a swampy part of my yard where it has several inches of water part of 
the year--and then is dry off and on for the balance of the year.  But, I've 
also growing it in a regular flower bed, amongst Crinum, or ornamental 
grasses, or in between evergreen azaleas.  It is a good performer, almost evergreen 
in this area and providing a nice, upright effect up to 3 ft. tall.  
Additionally, it is vigorous, increasing easily but not running wild like some 
water-loving irises.  

I grow a few other blue or blue-lavender native Iris species nearby.  I'm not 
sure what they all are, but one is I. versicolor and another is I. 

This year 'Contraband Girl' set seed.  Does anyone have experience with this 
plant and its progeny?  I presumed it was self-sterile because it has not set 
seed before, and this year only 3 pods of seed were produced form the many 
dozens of flowers.  

Will the progeny be as easy to care for, as prolific and good looking?  Do 
you suppose it accepted pollen from another species or perhaps has produced 
seeds via apomixis?

I have heard/seen speculation that 'Contraband Girl' is a tetraploid species 
relative to regular I. virginica but don't know if this is correct.  


Conroe Joe

LINK:  'Contraband Girl'… 

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