an Iris question
Mon, 30 Aug 2004 15:34:01 PDT

I have a wonderful bearded Iris called 'Victoria Falls'. It think it was 
introduced 25-30 years ago.  I grew it before in Alabama, and enjoyed it because 
of the color, the rebloom, and the ease of care.  It took care of itself--never 
seeming to need water and only a top dressing with aged manure once or twice 
a year.  

Here in Conroe, zone 9a, it has been in the ground for about 2 years in full 
sun, in good-draining not-too-rich soil.  It hardly blooms and does not 
rebloom.  It grows well, and seems happy enough, except for July and August when it 
seems to sulk (I suspect it is heat).

So, what can I do to make this plant do better?  I have a few other 
reblooming bearded Iris hybrids, and they almost never bloom.  They grow OK, but don't 
bloom.  Do they need a colder winter?  The past 2 years temperatures have only 
dropped to 25 F.  


Conroe Joe (95 F today, sunny, but thunderstorms elsewhere in the county)

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