Shirley Meneice
Sat, 31 Jul 2004 21:40:53 PDT
Carolyn, as long as 25 years ago the peonies in Sacramento on the state 
capitol grounds were given truckloads of shaved ice a number of times 
each winter to give them the winter chill needed to bloom the following 
year.  It worked!
    Shirley Meneice wrote:

>I have grown Peonies successfully in Los Angeles and now in Los Gatos.  There 
>are a few tricks.  They were my father's favorite and I took some from his 
>garden in Kansas where they still grow 12 years after he is gone.
>They don't like to be moved so when you move them, you must care for them for 
>a few years before they will bloom for you.  I purchase a junk food jello in 
>a plastic jello mold from the grocerers to use.  For 6 weeks in the winter, 
>every night, I  dump the a frozen ice ring over the remaining peony stalk or 
>marker where the peony stalk should be.  Then I refill the plastic jello ring 
>with water, put it back in the freezer to be used the next night.  If you do this 
>for 6 weeks, they will bloom for you.  I still have 1 clump in the ground 
>that bloomed this year as it has every year.  Over the years we have moved 3 
>times with them so I have lost some.  I honestly think they died because they were 
>in pots and I didn't water them correctly.   I do have a friend here who has 
>a few plants in his garden and they have bloomed but not regularly.  I don't 
>know if he goes to this trouble or not.  But he is in a different area and may 
>get more chill hours.
>Carolyn in Los Gatos, CA
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