Wiki Photos--Acis, Oxalis, Paeonia

Christine Council
Sat, 31 Jul 2004 22:56:09 PDT
Mary Sue,
The Oxalis are beautiful, I'll have at least ten of each;
only kidding.  My love for these plants grows and grows. I
am still waiting for the Palmifrans; perhaps one day someone 
will send in some of those bulbs to the BX. Wow!  The Peonies
are OK but alas, I cannot tell a lie the big "O" wins my praise.
Thank you for sharing all of those beautiful pictures as well
as the other information you give to us daily.

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> Subject: [pbs] Wiki Photos--Acis, Oxalis, Paeonia
> Dear All,
> My Acis (Leucojum) autumnale is blooming again. I was trying to dry it
> to divide it, but it was already shooting. Even so when I divided and 
> replanted it, it didn't seem to be set back very much. I lost the ones I 
> put in the ground, but they are increasing rapidly in containers. I added
> picture of them blooming this year and a close-up.
> Uli shared a really beautiful Oxalis he grows that originated in Ecuador. 
> Today after days of fog and overcast and only a few hours of sunshine
> in the day, we had sun all day and the plants he sent me burst into
> The new pictures on the wiki are from Uli, found under Oxalis sp.
> Finally David Victor has identified a couple of the Paeonia that we saw
> May blooming in his amazing garden. I was pleased that the two species
> ones that Jim Waddick suggested might work in Mediterranean gardens: 
> Paeonia mascula and Paeonia peregrina.
> Mary Sue
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