Wiki pictures: scrolling down

Kelly Irvin
Sun, 29 Aug 2004 06:23:29 PDT

I don't know if this would cause it for sure or not, but review in your 
browser preferences whether or not you are allowing pages to be 
"cached". I have mine set to allow for about 1 MB of cached pages and 
have it set to never compare the cached page to the network page. I 
would guess that if you provide any significant size to your caching 
preferences, to choose "never" or "once per session", on the comparison 
would act the same as each other.

If you have no cache value set, the browser won't "remember" what the 
page looked like and will just load it as a new page. I can guess, too, 
that if you set it to compare "every time", it might happen the same way 
even if you have a size set in the cache.

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