Wiki pictures: scrolling down

Susan Hayek
Sat, 28 Aug 2004 21:02:47 PDT
**I, too, checked this out. I am on the photo sites often because I'm 
such a newbie and couldn't remember having a problem with returns.
I'm on a Mac OS X, and mainly use Mozilla (which is basically 
Netscape 7.1 for me). I also use Safari and have IE available, altho 
IE isn't supported any longer for us Mac users, and Netscape 7.1.
All my browsers, Mozilla, Safari, IE, and Netscape 7.1 had no problem 
with returning to the link last clicked.
Makes ones wonder what's happening.

At 8:34 PM -0700 8/28/04, Mary Sue Ittner wrote:
>Dear Diane,
>I couldn't remember this ever happening to me with the wiki so just 
>spent some time looking at it in three Browsers: Mozilla (the one I 
>normally use), Internet Explorer, and Netscape (old version). I was 
>always returned to the spot I started from. What browser are you 
>using? Of those three I checked I think my old version of Netscape 
>is the worst since it puts all the words on the right side of the 
>page and even if you scroll to center it, it makes its way back to 
>the right each time you look at a picture.

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