chuck Schwartz
Sun, 15 Aug 2004 13:07:37 PDT
Hi Mike,
 I've been growing a plant that's called Crinum procerum, a red leafed
Asiaticum type, for 15 years in San Juan Capistrano. They've withstood 25F
without blemish. I got mine from Desert to JUngle in Montebello. Also
Cindy's Crinums on the web listed them. chuck Schwartz
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Greetings from Southern California! I am wondering if anyone out there in my
neck of the woods has any experience growing red leafed Crinums and any good
sources for one.  I would like to plant one in my Escondido garden but am
not sure how hardy it would be and where to get one at a reasonable price.
Thank you in advance.

Mike Masterson
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