Pro Lycoris versus nothing

James Waddick
Sun, 15 Aug 2004 12:57:40 PDT
Dear All;
	Sorry, been on another peony project and slow to respond.
	It is no contest: 2 months of a succession of 20 species and 
selections of Lycoris versus no flowers (ever) on Amaryllis*. Duh.

	Right now Lycoris incarnata is producing a nice show in a 
couple patches. This has proven to be both remarkably hardy and 
vigorous. The buds are an intense pink, but flowers open white with 
each petal showing a rich pink mid-line. Undeniable 'peppermint' 
quality. This is a medium size lycoris in all aspects and blooms as 
the last of the L. chinensis/longituba and their hybrids are fading. 
L. caldwellii should be next in line.

	I can't agree more about the pitiful shape of Lycoris sold in 
fall. The bulbs should be dug, divided and replanted in July or 
August. By Oct and November they are extremely stressed and bulbs 
bought then are half dead. I've never had them wait 5 years, but 2 or 
3 years is not unusual before they show themselves again and add a 
year from bloom.

	Best	Jim W.

* I have 4 or 5 varieties, but have been giving these away to other 
more gullible local gardeners who think they can get this to bloom 
here. Some in 10 years plus have produce nary a petal.

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