Tulips from the Tien Shan

Antennaria@aol.com Antennaria@aol.com
Wed, 04 Aug 2004 20:40:35 PDT
Thanks Victor for sharing with PBS members the many photos of Tulipa species 
from the Tien Shan.  Seeing photos of plants in habitat is such a treat, and 
your bounty of great Tulipa pix certainly enriches the PBS wiki photo resource. 
 I'm particularly taken with Tulipa heterophylla.  Is this species in 
cultivation or available from any bulb merchants that you know of?

It's also great to see the wild forms of kaufmanniana and greigii... so 
distinct and different from the hybrids that have emerged from their involvement in 
hybridization over many decades.  Once again I'm impressed just how wonderful 
and relatively unexplored the genus Tulipa is for providing rock gardens with 
small, eminently garden worthy plants.

Mark McDonough, a tulipa admirer,

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