Crinum -What is "splendens"?

Floral Architecture
Fri, 20 Aug 2004 09:48:51 PDT
Jim W, 
As you pointed out, there are quite a few red-leafed
Crinum. I have 3 or 4. None that are on your list
other than the procerum. I really like the Roy Works
hybrid. I must have one of those!!!
I have 'Nigra', 'Black Beauty', and another named one
for sure plus a procerum or 2. 
Most people call them red-leafed, others
purple-leafed. They are all about the same color. It
is just a different judgement.
I don't know if they come true from seed as I have
tried self pollinating them and I got zip. I did cross
one with pedunculatum (my favorite Crinum) and I got
about 50/50 red to green seedlings. I will keep the
green seedlings to see if they produce pinkish flowers
(I don't think they will though). 
I love the pedunculatum as it never looks bad. It's
leaves area always pointing up, never brown even under
my lax watering regime and the flowers have a
wonderful fragrance. I selfed it this year and got
about a doz. seeds. I am so happy! Last year I only
got 6 or so that just sprouted this spring. Very slow
to start under my conditions. The hybrids sprouted
faster but I still have some coming along. 
Joe, I was wondering about submerging myself. I have a
client (my landlord actually) that will be putting in
a pond and I want some drama there. But, I wonder how
they would take our winters here submerged or if I
would have to remove it each year. That would be too
much work and just wouldn't happen.
So, I will just stick to the Gunnera as a backdrop for

John Ingram in L.A., CA. check it out
310.709.1613 (cell, west coast time, please call accordingly. Thank you)

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