Crinum -What is "splendens"?

Kevin D. Preuss
Fri, 20 Aug 2004 09:56:11 PDT
There are several types.  My big one in the ground has emergent leaves that
are deep maroon.  My nicest seedling was a selection of a dozen. Like a good
burgundy wine.  This one was called C. asiaticum  var. procerum.

Greg Pettit sent me a C. procerum and C.procerum var. lavacanum, but neither
have intense "red leaves" yet.   I suspect this is similar in c.
xanthophylum (the golden yellow coloration)...some like it and some don't.
The genes) for the trait of maroon leaf  can be readily passed onto progeny
of its hybrids.  I've heard of C. oliganthum x procerum to get small, red
leaf plants...there is even a small mini w/ pink flowers, Roy works has
produced.  Herb Kelly hasone similar.
Queen Emma is a big maroon-leaf clone.  I love how people name these.

A similar example is a Hymenocallis sold by  TY TY sold under that name.  It
is H. acutifolia!!!

Kevin Preuss

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