opening and closing of crocus; was: fall crocus

Rodger Whitlock
Fri, 20 Aug 2004 10:26:26 PDT
On 17 Aug 04 at 10:39, Jim McKenney wrote:

> Our discussion of fall blooming crocus has resulted in Crocus
> tournefortii being mentioned. I've had this species twice over the
> years, each time from a different source. I find it curious that two
> PBS contributors, each of whom has grown and seen a lot of good
> plants, should rate this species so highly. As I see it, it's just
> another washy pale pinkish-blue crocus. In fact, I think the corm is
> just as interesting as the flower. Should I ever obtain one of the
> richly scented forms, my opinion of this species will soar.

What I like about C. tournefortii is the color. It's very close to a 
true sky blue with a white center. Perhaps "pale powder blue" is 
slightly more accurate, for some values of both "powder blue" and 
"accurate." Or to try to be technical, it's a pale true blue, but not 
very saturated.

Not much trace of the purple tone that most "blue" crocuses have in 

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