PBS Newsletter update

Cathy Craig cathycraigea@hotmail.com
Sun, 22 Aug 2004 17:36:40 PDT
Dear all,

Please forgive me if some of this message is a reitteration of one I sent 
out to the robin a few weeks ago.

Our esteemed VP (and former newsletter editor), Marguerite English, put out 
our Winter newsletter the first quarter of this year. Marguerite has had to 
give up this job and so I have taken it over. I am currently working on the 
Spring and Summer newsletters concurrently. These editions are scheduled to 
come out, you guessed it, second and third quarter of the year.

Mark Wilcox has very kindly agreed to help me proof the newsletter (our 
treasurer, Jennifer, also volunteered to help but has recently married, 
moved states, and changed jobs). I am in the last stages of updating the 
Spring newsletter after Mark's proofing. Since I have not been thru the 
printing process with this printer, I cannot say precisely when it will go 
out. As soon as I can get it to you, I will.

The Summer newsletter will be out almost immediately following the printing 
of the Spring one.

All of us who are officers have other full time jobs. Not to mention 
families, homes, and other normal things that consume our time. We are all 
volunteers and unpaid of course.

If any of our robin members would like to volunteer to help out, please do 
so. You may start by volunteering for secretary, we need one immediately.

Thanks, everyone.

Cathy Craig EA

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