Colchicum -Lycoris round 2 - Big Dig

James Waddick
Sun, 22 Aug 2004 13:21:42 PDT
>The two coasts are in sync, mine opened Wednesday, same source.

Dear Guys;
Colchicum:	We are behind  some, but way also behind on rain. 
Then this week after nearly an inch of rain my 'Beaconsfield' is up 
and will open in a couple of days. Another with the name 'Zephyr' 
looks to follow soon.

Lycoris:	The rain also brought on two more Lycoris shows; L. 
caldwellii in pale yellow. The buds have a pinkish tan color, but 
open pastel. Dark buds on L. incarnata open to white with dark pink 
mid-lines that fade to pink. Very attractive and good growers.

	Other hybrids and late sprengeri continue in the dawn/dusk 
shades of white, pinks, various yellow to near orange. Blues in 
sprengeri are also striking.
	More stalks appear each day.

Big Dig		I have spent the last week-with much help digging 
Crinum x powellii. As I alluded to earlier, it is a job. Clumps weigh 
up o 200 lbs. So far I have cut most foliage and trimmed roots on 
over 100 lbs of bulbs after cleaning. The biggest single bulb is over 
8 lbs! Gasp. More later, must rest.

	Jim W.
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