Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Sat, 14 Aug 2004 20:21:00 PDT
Dear All,

I just made a wiki page for Orthrosanthus, a genus in the Iridaceae family 
with species from Australia, Central and South America. I am particularly 
fond of O. chimboracensis which is a good garden plant in coastal 
California. It tolerates low levels of summer water and blooms a very long 
time. Since I am hooked on blue flowers I find it very welcome. Right now 
it is blooming in front of a very spectacular companion, Erica cruenta, one 
of the South African Ericas that has huge red flowers that the hummingbirds 
and bees absolutely love. A note to Dennis Kramb: I think it is hardier 
than zone 10. We've gotten into the mid 20ties (F.), -4 or -5 C. once or 
twice since I've been growing it and I can't remember it looking damaged at 
all. We cut down some trees where it is planted last winter as they weren't 
looking very healthy and I think it is enjoying more sunshine this year.


Mary Sue

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