Kathy Stokmanis vikingdoc@earthlink.net
Sat, 14 Aug 2004 21:40:16 PDT
What a beautiful flower!  All of you keep posting pictures of marvelous plants that I've never heard of and I fall in love.  I am afraid that I have Jim McKenney's definition of a 'white trash garden', in that I see something lovely posted on this list and I want it, regardless of practicality, my skill level, etc.  There are pots, tubs and beds crammed with, well, not pass-along plants, but certainly a hodgepodge of unrelated and disorganized plants that give me a great deal of pleasure.  Thank you for sharing your beauties.

Kathy Stokmanis
Northern California, Sierra foothills, zone 8/9, no rain since April but it's been a lovely summer, mostly in the 90's instead of our usual 100+F.  Bletilla ochracea is still blooming but I think it will finally finish next week.

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