fall crocus, Eranthis, et al.

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> 400 N. 'Marieke' (it was either this or 'Sweetness'
> and I went with the larger plant, any thoughts on
> this?)

I suppose it all depends on what you want from the investment.  If for 
display impact, I'd go for the 'Sweetness.'  Smaller flowers, yes, but more of them. 
 And as long as you're growing daffodils, you might as well include fragrance 
as a criterion.  'Sweetness' (as the name infers) has the lilting jonquil 
fragrance and is often grown for that trait alone.  I realize that 
smell/fragrance/odor/etc. is a personal thing but I find the large trumpet daffodils (1 Y-Y) 
to have a rather sharp, acrid and (to my nose) unpleasant odor/fragrance.  
Too, 'Sweetness,' as a jonquil, is far more likely to survive and multiply over 
the years than is the 1 Y-Y.  These big trumpet daffodils tend to be a bit 
fussy and require conditions quite to their liking to be long lived and perform 
well from year to year.

Dave Karnstedt
Cascade Daffodils
Silverton, Oregon USA
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