Spam, missing messages and filters.

Rodger Whitlock
Fri, 03 Dec 2004 10:44:16 PST
On  2 Dec 04 at 18:16, Laura & Dave wrote:

> ...Earthlink allows (requires?) the use of "White Lists" to block
> spam.

And as usual with anti-spam measures, this facility is badly thought 
out. It requires that one use a web url to allow email. This violates 
the design principle of keeping communications and their responses in 
the same channel, so that those souls with only email access can 
still respond. Doing so also simplifies response for those of us 
using pure email clients instead of combination web exploders and 
email messers like IE/Outlook or Netscape Communicator.

As matters stand, if I get one of these, I just ignore it and figure 
it's the other party's loss, not mine.

If anyone on Earthlink is reading, forward my remarks to them.
Rodger Whitlock
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Maritime Zone 8, a cool Mediterranean climate

on beautiful Vancouver Island

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