Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Sat, 04 Dec 2004 07:48:27 PST
Dear Fred,

I don't know if anyone responded to you privately about growing Spiloxene. 
Spiloxene capensis is a winter grower that comes up some time in the fall 
and blooms in spring. Trying to grow it otherwise probably wouldn't work 
over time. Correct me if anyone has been able to hold it to bloom later in 
the year.  I'm not sure what triggers it into growth (temperature, light?). 
Many of the species in this genus like moist places and I think your 
suggested growing medium sounds like it would work. You will have to 
shelter yours from the cold so will be controlling the watering and when 
you do that the medium is not quite so crucial. I just plant mine in my 
usual mix I use for most of my South African bulbs.

One thing about Spiloxene capensis. It will set buds, but they will not 
open unless there is enough warmth and light. On cold overcast days here 
during their time of bloom (February to April for me in Northern 
California) they stay closed and may only open other days for those few 
hours in the middle of the day when it finally gets warm enough. I've 
planted them in the ground where they are quite happy, but wish I had found 
warmer sunnier spots for some of them. Those I have in containers can be 
relocated to a nice warm spot while they are blooming. If Mark Mazer grows 
them in a greenhouse he can perhaps add his experiences.

Mary Sue

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