Hans und Babs Joschko buj.joschko@freenet.de
Sun, 19 Dec 2004 02:13:15 PST
Hi Leucojumfriends ,
I enjoy this discussion about this genus and here is my report from the
species that I grow :
L. aestivum - from this species I know only "Gravetye Giant " - this plants
grows without problems in my borders .
L.aestivum v. pulchellum : This plants I have collect on the balearic island
of Mallorca  - I have found these plants near the sea on a river - they grow
good free in my garden     ( with temperatures until - 15 C )
L. autumnale : this plants grow on sunny borders free in my garden .
L . longifolium : I have sown this plants , grows in pots in my greenhouse
L.nicaense : this plants grows also free in my garden - also in sunny
L. roseum : this species grows also without problems free in my garden , in
this year       ( September ) by my travel in Corsica and I have found 3
populations in flower - the grow in rock pockets ( Porphyr ) or in open
stony maccia area , together with Scilla autumnale, on a high of 80 - 130 m
, the soil was acid .
L. spec. from one of the ionic islands - collected from a friend - I believe
this is L. valentinum - after my informations this species grows in Spain
and on this Greece islands , I grow this plants in a pot : in winter in my
greenhouse and in summer in my bulbframe .
L. tingitianum : this plants ( received from Archibald ) I grow this plants
in pots in my greenhouse - I have these species since August of this year .
L. trichophyllum : I have received this plants from a friend , he has
collected this plants in Spain , I grow also the "pink" form , but until now
I have not any expieriences , they grow in pots in my greenhouse .
L. vernum : This species grows here in my area natural on shade or semishade
woods in wet condition ( together sometime with Galanthus nivalis and
Primula ) the grows near rivers or lakes , I know some different populations
from 200 m altitude until 1000m , they grow in all kind of soil , in this
location with the 1000 m in the french mountains there grow L. vernum
together with Narcissus pseudonarcissus , Daphne spec. , Lilium martagon.
I have since many years this plants in my garden and it is the same like all
the other observations - they grow really slow - the multiplication is not
so good , maybe my garden is a bit to dry , they grows by me in semishade
between my Helleborus .
L. vernum v. carpathicum , I have bougth this species before some years ,
but I'm a bit dissapoited - the blotches are not really yellow - maybe one
reason is my calcy soil .
Thats all - I hope to find the other species that I search to find one day .
This plants are a really nice addition to my Galanthus , Eranthis,  Anemones
and all the other bulbplants .
With best wishes
Southwest- Germany

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