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John Lonsdale john@johnlonsdale.net
Sun, 05 Dec 2004 06:37:55 PST

I have just added another 500 or so new images to my web site
(http://www.edgewoodgardens.net/).  There is something of interest to members
of all the lists included in the distribution, hence the cross posting.
Most of the taxa are represented by multiple images, often of several
different forms.  They were taken in the garden here over the past 9 months.
As requested by several people, I have included below a simple list of the
plants featured, to allow them to be searchable in the archives.  The new
images have already been incorporated into the correct sections of the Plant
Galleries and can be found individually using the search function on each
page of the album.  In addition to the new images, I have also done a
considerable amount of housekeeping, removing some poor quality images and
replacing others with better pictures.  As always, comments on ID, format,
issues etc. are welcome.  In particular, I've uploaded a lot of Epimedium
pictures, of plants with lost labels; any help on identifying those will be
gratefully received.  I've also added the text from an article on Trillium
that was published in 'Bulbs', the Bulletin of the International Bulb
Society, this spring.  This can be viewed via the 'Cultivation' page.  Over
the next few months I plan on subdividing certain of the categories further
to the species level, this should make navigation a lot easier in those
categories which now contain upwards of a hundred images.



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USDA Zone 6b

Adonis vernalis 	
Allium decipiens 	
Allium kharputense 	
Allium oreophilum Kusavli Curl 	
Allium oreophilum Samur 	
Allium psekemense 	
Allium pseudoserawschanicum 	
Allium schoenoprasum 	
Allium sp. 	
Allium thunbergii Ozawa 	
Anemone appennina 	
Anemone nemorosa & x seemanii 	
Anemone nemorosa 	
Anemone quinquefolia 	
Anemone trifolia 	
Anemonella thalictroides 	
Anemonella thalictroides Betty Blake 	
Anemonella thalictroides Doubles 	
Anemonella thalictroides Green Dragon 	
Asarum canadense 	
Bellevalia pycnantha 	
Bletilla striata 	
Brodiaea californica 	
Brodiaea elegans 	
Brodiaea pallida 	
Cactus sp. 	
Calochortus sp. 	
Cardamine diphylla Eco Moonlight 	
Cardiocrinum giganteum 	
Cercis chinensis 	
Colchicum cupanii ssp. pulverulentum PB324 	
Colchicum sp. 	
Corydalis buschii 	
Corydalis fumarifolia 	
Corydalis solida Firecracker 	
Corydalis zetterlundii 	
Crocus alatavicus Chimgan 	
Crocus biflorus ssp. melantherus Dmitsana Greece (sieberi sublimis MH99)

Crocus biflorus ssp. melantherus KKK3 Sparta Tripolis 	
Crocus boryi CEH582 	
Crocus cancellatus 	
Crocus cancellatus ssp. cancellatus Icel Turkey 	
Crocus cancellatus ssp. cancellatus LB402 	
Crocus cancellatus ssp. hermoneus SBL119(DBS9906) 	
Crocus caspius ex. P. Furse 	
Crocus corsicus albus 	
Crocus hadriaticus ssp. hadriaticus forma lilacinus 	
Crocus hadriaticus SBL438 Greece 	
Crocus hyemalis ex Judean Mts Israel 	
Crocus hyemalis SBL118 Jordan 	
Crocus korolkowii 	
Crocus kotschyanus ssp. kotschyanus HKEP9295 	
Crocus laevigatus CEH612 Evvia Greece 	
Crocus laevigatus ex AG	
Crocus laevigatus ex N66-10 	
Crocus laevigatus ex N67-10 	
Crocus laevigatus JCA347.403 	
Crocus laevigatus PB120 	
Crocus laevigatus PB4920 	
Crocus laevigatus SL171 	
Crocus laevigatus white form with gold reverse 	
Crocus niveus 	
Crocus ochroleucus JCA349.200 	
Crocus ochroleucus JCA350.200 	
Crocus ochroleucus RRW88.23 	
Crocus oreocreticus ex. JMcG  	
Crocus oreocreticus JCA349.610 	
Crocus oreocreticus PB137 	
Crocus oreocreticus PB138 	
Crocus pallasii ssp. dispathaceus JKP98-122	
Crocus pallasii ssp. haussknechtii LB320 	
Crocus pallasii ssp. pallasii PB414 Mt Lazarus Samos 	
Crocus pallasii ssp. turcicus LB382 	
Crocus pulchellus (Crocus biflorus ssp. alexandrii S0220 Mt Falakro) 	
Crocus pulchellus S0238 	
Crocus pulchellus var. albus 	
Crocus serotinus ssp. clusii Portugal 	
Crocus serotinus ssp. salzmannii SBL213 	
Crocus serotinus ssp. serotinus SF237 	
Crocus sp. ex Bondarenko (not angustifolius x reticulatus) 	
Crocus sp. fall ex VP99 	
Crocus speciosus 	
Crocus speciosus dark seedling 	
Crocus speciosus with 8 petals 	
Crocus speciosus x pulchellus 	
Crocus thomasii 	
Crocus thomasii ex Apulia 	
Crocus tournefortii 	
Crocus tournefortii and Cyclamen cilicium 	
Crocus vallicola 	
Crocus veneris PB181 Paphos Cyprus 	
Crocus wattiorum HKEP9548 	
Crocus x paulinae 	
Cyclamen africanum 	
Cyclamen cilicium 	
Cyclamen colchicum 	
Cyclamen cyprium 	
Cyclamen graecum ssp. graecum	
Cyclamen graecum ssp. anatolicum 	
Cyclamen graecum ssp. candicum 	
Cyclamen hederifolium 	
Cyclamen hederifolium 	
Cyclamen mirabile Tilebarn Nicholas 	
Cyclamen pseudibericum 	
Cyclamen purpurascens 	
Cyclamen rohlfsianum 	
Cyclamen seedlings 	
Daphne arbuscula var. albiflora 	
Delospermum Kelaidis 	
Delospermum White Nugget 	
Dianthus sp. 	
Dicentra canadensis 	
Dicentra cuccularia 	
Dicentra peregrina seedlings 	
Echinocereus sp. 	
Various unidentified epimediums 
Epimedium brachyrrhizum Karen 	
Epimedium brevicornu forma rotundatum Og.82010 	
Epimedium chlorandrum hybrid Cc.960109 	
Epimedium davidii Cc.980084 	
Epimedium dolichostemon Og.81010 	
Epimedium ecalcaratum Cc.970229 	
Epimedium grandiflorum 	
Epimedium grandiflorum Album Cc.950063 	
Epimedium grandiflorum Princess Susan Cc.960044 	
Epimedium grandiflorum var. flavescens 	
Epimedium illicifolium Cc.950019 	
Epimedium lishihchenii 	
Epimedium myrianthum 	
Epimedium pubescens 	
Epimedium rhizomatosum Cc990112 	
Epimedium sempervirens variegated Cc.970190 	
Epimedium sempervirens variegated Cc970190 	
Epimedium sempervirens Violet Queen Cc.950138 E33 	
Epimedium sp. 	
Epimedium stellulatum long leaf form Cc.970049 	
Epimedium stellulatum long leaf form Cc970048 	
Epimedium stellulatum pink form Cc.95	
Epimedium stellulatum Pink NAWD092 Cc95	
Epimedium x omeiense Starlight Cc.990537 	
Epimedium x versicolor Cupreum Cc.950143 	
Epimedium x youngianum Epstein seedling Cc.950085 	
Epimedium x youngianum Japanese cultivar Cc.960051 	
Eranthis hyemalis pale form 	
Erythronium americanum 	
Erythronium californicum 	
Erythronium helenae 	
Erythronium hendersonii 	
Erythronium Joanna 	
Erythronium Pagoda 	
Erythronium revolutum 	
Erythronium Sundisc 	
Erythronium tuolumnense hybrid 	
Erythronium White Beauty 	
Fritillaria pallidiflora 	
Fritillaria pudica 	
Fritillaria thunbergii 	
Glaucidium palmatum 	
Helleborus x hybridus White ex Ballard 	
Hepatica asiatica ssp. japonica f. magna 	
Hepatica Louise Kohler	
Hepatica nobilis 	
Hepatica yamatutai 	
Ipheion Alberto Castillo 	
Ipheion Rolf Fiedler 	
Iris aff. galatica BM-9568 	
Iris anguifuga 	
Iris atropurpurea 	
Iris histrio var. sophehensis (Hoog) 	
Iris histrioides var. aintabensis  (Hoog) 	
Iris lutescens MS953 	
Iris mandschurica 	
Iris paradoxa x iberica ssp. elegantissima 	
Iris rosenbachiana Vahsh 	
Iris sari 	
Iris sp. aff. reichenbachii 	
Iris suaveolens 	
Isopyrum biternatum 	
Jeffersonia dubia 	
Kirengeshoma palmata 	
Lewisia brachycalyx 	
Lewisia rediviva 	
Lilium canadense 	
Lilium michiganense 	
Magnolia Daybreak 	
Mertensia virginica variegated form 1 	
Narcissus Englander 	
Narcissus hybrid 	
Oxalis obliquifolia 	
Paeonia cambessedessii 	
Paeonia mlokosewitchii emerging 	
Paeonia russoi 	
Phlox bifida ex Illinois 	
Phlox stolonifera Bruce's White 	
Polygonatum sp. 	
Ponerorchis graminifolia 	
Pulsatilla albana 	
Pulsatilla vulgaris 	
Sanguinaria canadensis 	
Sanguinaria canadensis dwarf compact form 	
Sanguinaria canadensis Pink Form 	
Scilla puschkinioides ARJA 	
Sternbergia fischeriana form 2 	
Sternbergia greuteriana 	
Sternbergia sicula Selia Gorge S Crete 	
Syneilesis aconitifolia 	
Trillium aff. flexipes Susquehanna 	
Trillium aff. underwoodii 	
Trillium cuneatum 	
Trillium discolor 	
Trillium ex Ruby Falls TN 	
Trillium grandiflorum roseum 	
Trillium lancifolium 	
Trillium ludovicianum 	
Trillium maculatum 	
Trillium nivale	
Trillium pusillum var. alabamicum 	
Trillium pusillum var. georgianum 	
Trillium pusillum var. pusillum 	
Trillium recurvatum 	
Trillium sessile 	
Trillium sp. 	
Trillium underwoodii 	
Trillium underwoodii ex E Alabama 	
Triteleia peduncularis 	
Tulipa batalinii 	
Tulipa clusiana ssp. aitchisonii 	
Uvularia grandiflora 	

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