Cold Weather and Crown Imperials

Judy Glattstein
Wed, 29 Dec 2004 09:55:59 PST
ConroeJoe wrote:

It was interesting to see the leaves of my Nerine collapse due to cold (ca.
23 F).  They have straightened out and are upright again and there is no
apparent damage.

I have Fritillaria imperialis planted on what is somewhat of a wet slope.
They seem happy, in the sense that they come back year after year,
increasing modestly. (Though let's see what next spring provides, as last
summer was extremely wet.) Early each spring, with their growth close to a
meter high - and sometimes they're far enough along to have flower buds -
we'll have a chilly night. The stems of these crown imperials slump to the
ground. The following day warms up, and the crown imperials hoist themselves
erect again. This can happen two or three times, sometimes more. As
ConroeJoe reports about his nerines' foliage, this does not seem to cause
any damage. Remarkable.

Judy in New Jersey where we've made it up above the freezing point today, to
a torrid 37.8° Fahrenheit

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