Phycella not

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 18 Dec 2004 08:12:27 PST
Dear All,

Every day I look at what has been added to the wiki and make the 
appropriate changes when needed. This morning there was a change on the a 
that didn't make any sense (spaces were added), so I checked out the 
history and saw that someone had started to write a note on this page and 
then changed their mind and edited it again to take the note off and in 
doing so had added spaces. The note said that Lee's pictures were not of 
Phycella, that Phycella could not be imported from the Netherlands into the 
USA. The writer suspected they were Cyrtanthus which was one of Lee's 
suspicions. I looked through my messages to see if I could figure out what 
we decided when we discussed it and all I could find was a subsequent note 
from Lee that Alberto had told him these were not Phycella, but he couldn't 
remember what he told him, maybe Rhodophiala. So we should have removed 
this page and it dropped through the cracks. Before I do that, would some 
of you take a look at it and let me know whether we should try to rename 
them or just take them off. We have a lot of Cyrtanthus hybrid pictures so 
if that is what it is, we could save one and say it was received as 
Phycella, but is probabably..... That could help someone who had gotten 
them like Lee and wondered what they were. Thanks to the mystery editor who 
may or may not be on our list who alerted me. How I wish that some of the 
recent bogus changes were as helpful.…

Mary Sue

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