Lovely Ledebouria
Wed, 11 Feb 2004 06:30:17 PST
Good Day All,
I cross posted part of this to the Fat Plants Yahoo Group but I thought that 
reaching out to PBS with a few more questions could bring additional 

Does anyone know if Ledebouria is self-fertile? I know that it must be 
somewhat self fertile because of past experience, but I am looking to pollinate my 
L. galpinii and only one is presently spiking. I've gotten L. socialis and 
Masara's Drimia (I think it's a
Ledebouria) species ex. Somalia both to produce a pittance of seed on their 
own volition.

As far as pollen production and stigma receptivity, and fertilization; which 
comes first the chicken or the egg?  I've had a blasted time with my 
Veltheimia seed production this year.  NOT ONE capsule has formed thus far.  Perhaps it 
is the same for all Hyacinthaceae?

Recently I've had clarified L. pauciflora as the type form of L. socialis. Is 
there a good paper on the genus? Wasn't Venter doing somthing on it?

Does the pollen store well? I suppose the method for storing pollen of 
Hippeastrum could theoretically work... Anyone doing it?

Thanks all,

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