Starting winter growing seed-Tecophilaea cyanocrocus

Bill Dijk
Wed, 11 Feb 2004 05:11:34 PST
Hi Hamish,

I think Mary Sue, Lee Poulsen and Diane Whitehead, have already covered the
germination of the Tecophilaea cyanocrocus seed quite adequate.
Like Mary Sue and Lee Poulsen, I sow my fresh seed in April-May (Southern
Hemisphere) in deep seed trays, in a well-draining  sterile seed mix, topped
off with ½ inch of finer mix or river sand.
The seed normally germinate in 6-8 weeks ( don't give up hope yet Diane) if
everything goes according to schedule.
During that time I pay particular attention to watering, not to wet, and
always start them in semi-shaded, covered open benches, (Mary Sue knows what
I am talking about) in the coolest part of the nursery, to stop them damping
As soon as the seeds are up, I usually take them outside to harden off and
grow them on, and let nature do the rest.
I will attach a picture of successful germinated Tecophilaea seedlings after
3 months, from last season's endeavour, and will ask Mary Sue (nicely) to
it on the Wiki in the appropriate place.
I have just finished collecting all the (hand-pollinated) 3 Tecophilaea
species seed, and if you're interested in some fresh seed, contact me

Best wishes,

Bill D.

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> Now, I need some help. Any suggestions on how to germinate Tecophilea
> cyanocrocus. Two lots of seed ex PBX so far going no where! Need cool
> period? need total dark?
> Regards Hamish

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