Boggled brain

diana chapman
Wed, 25 Feb 2004 08:08:00 PST
Dear Susan:

Some of the general bulb books I have really enjoyed are as follows:

"Best Bulbs for Temperate Climates"  Jack Hobbs & Terry Hatch - Timber Press
"Bulbous Plants of Southern Africa"  Niel DuPlessis & Graham Duncan
"Spring and Winter Flowering Bulbs of the Cape"  Barbara Jeppe
"Bulbs of North America"  Jane McGary, ed. - Timber Press
"Garden Bulbs for the South" Scott Ogden
"Bulbs for Warm Climates"  Thad Howard
"Bulbs" John Bryan - Timber Press
"Bulbs for the Rock Garden"  Jack Elliott

These days I usually refer mostly to monographs, but I still refer back to
all of the above and several are indispensible for a library focused on
bulbs.  Anything by Brian Mathew (not listed above) is to be snatched up,
but some of his books are no longer in print.


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