Boggled brain

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 25 Feb 2004 08:15:38 PST
Dear Susan,

We have been trying to make our wiki a resource for information that is 
provided on this list or by the list members. As I have time I keep adding 
to it.

On the topic of the week wiki page I have included the links so you will be 
directed to the portion of the archives where we discussed a specific topic 
or where you will find the introduction to a topic.…

In December 2002 we discussed favorite books. Jane McGary also came up with 
a great idea of making a reference section on the wiki adding those books 
that are especially useful with a few words about them. We hoped everyone 
would add their favorite books, but I suspect most of the entries are hers 
although I added the books I treasure too for some of the bulbs she doesn't 
grow and I grow. We had hoped to link the suggested book to the wiki genus 
pages, but so far I haven't had time and I think there are only a few done.…

We have people who are new to our list since we started the Reference page 
and we invite you to add any books you find especially helpful with 
comments. Also any of you who meant to add references and didn't, can still 
do that. That is the nice thing about the wiki. It is always evolving and 
improving. One tip: the way you make a wiki page is to write words together 
so writing McGary makes the wiki think a new page is desired for Mc Gary so 
we sometimes have to fudge so if you see Mcgary or another double name and 
you think it is written in error and you change it to correct it, you will 
see why it is written Mcgary.

In March 2003 we had a discussion of favorite sources of bulbs and seed so 
you can check that out too from the TOW page. And there is always our BX 
which I've found is a good source for seeds and bulbs. A lot of us do 
private sharing and swapping as well.

I add people's names to the contributors list when they add a picture to 
the wiki or I add information they have shared to a page (with credit) or 
if I have linked their introduction to the topic of the week to the wiki. 
If you look at all the names there, it's very impressive.…

Mary Sue

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