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Harold Koopowitz hkoopowi@uci.edu
Sun, 15 Feb 2004 15:50:45 PST
A very interesting listing.
But remember Aloes are appendix II plants in CITES and will need to be 
accompanied by a CITES certificate. Also Gladiolus corms from Africa are 
forbidden entry into the USA as there is an indigenous fungus problem in 
Africa that we dont have here. If you want african gladiolus species you 
should buy seeds.
At 09:49 AM 2/15/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>I have received a new price list (mid-Feb, 2004) for bulbs from Simply
>Indigenous, a South African nursery.  They accept credit cards and have some
>interesting offerings.  Their minimum retail order for export is $100.00 (US
>dollars).  They offer some grass aloes, which I grow like summer bulbs 
>because they
>are deciduous in winter.
>Bulb List
>Aloe list
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>Joe (zone 9, wet and cool this past 2 weeks)
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