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Sun, 15 Feb 2004 18:21:46 PST
Jane McGary janemcgary@earthlink.net wrote:

>I feel that A. rubrovittatum is too tall and 
>vigorous for a trough, but perhaps it would 
>not be in Lisa's climate in the Midwest. 
>I'd choose some of the really short-growing 
>western American alliums such as A. 
>siskiyouense or A. campanulatum, which 
>produce only two leaves per bulb, I think.

When I lived in the Seattle Washingtom area, I grew two forms of Allium 
rubrovittatum.  One grew a mere 2" tall in flower (from Kew), and was surely among 
the smallest Allium species I have ever grown.  Another form grew 6-8" tall, 
and while a somewhat taller, it was still so slim and demure, that it too would 
be a good candidate for a trough.  None of these, including your form Jane, 
seem hardy enough to be grown outside here in northern New England, which is a 

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