Iris danfordiae seed

Jim McKenney
Sun, 29 Feb 2004 17:20:21 PST
Diane Whitehead wrote:
>You will not get seeds or fertile 
>pollen from the commercial Iris danfordiae which is a sterile 

Isn't there more than one commercial Iris danfordiae? I'm pretty sure I've
had at least two forms at different times over the years. One had much
narrower perianth segments than the other. 

Also, I know from personal experience that what was sold as Iris
histrioides Major thirty years ago crossed readily with Iris danfordiae
both ways. Nice fat seed pods resulted on both parents. And this has made
me wonder if the usually-reported parentage for the hybrids Katherine
Hodgkin and Frank Elder  , namely Iris winogradowii x histrioides, is not a
bluff. In fact, I think Katherine Hodgkin was originally reported to be
histrioides x danfordiae.  

Last year I tried to repeat this cross using Iris Lady Beatrix Stanley and
Iris danfordiae: this was a flop both ways. I'm not convinced that Lady
Beatrix Stanley is "pure" Iris histrioides; in small ways it's different
from the old Major form. 

Jim McKenney
Montgomery County, Maryland zone 7, where Mother Nature was not bluffing
today: lots of first earlies in bloom finally. 

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