Sun break photos

Jane McGary
Sun, 29 Feb 2004 13:51:50 PST
Today I hurried out during a sun break (a weather term that seems to be 
indigenous to the Pacific Northwest) and photographed a whole lot of bulbs, 
then posted them on the wiki. I have some questions about two of them.

First, here is another mystery Narcissus:…

There is a subsp. albidus of N. romieuxii, but I don't find occidentalis 
among the epithets of any member of the Bulbocodium section in the 
literature I have. Any ideas, Harold and Kathy?

Second, here is a really serious mystery Sternbergia:…

The story of it is on the Photographs and Information page for Sternbergia. 
In short, it has yellow flowers in fall and utterly S. candida-like foliage 
in spring, and it was part of a batch of bulbs bought by Panayoti Kelaidis 
in the early 1990s, which apparently had been wild-dug because there were 
S. candida bulbs among them. Any ideas?

The other items include:………………………

I've requested a page be set up for Corydalis, which I'm sure many of us 
will be photographing in the coming weeks.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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