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Kelly Irvin
Mon, 02 Feb 2004 08:13:52 PST

You might want to at least look into the features of a Minolta DiMage 7i 
or later model. I, in my searching, settled on this based on 
combinations of price and features. It can be treated as a fully 
automatic camera or fully manual with a true mechanical manual focus 
adjustment if desired. The macro is good but probably not as good as the 
Nikon. On the other hand, this can probably also easily fixed with 
inexpensive macro rings. It has a hot shoe for flash attachment if you 
don't want to use built in. At least 5 Megapixel. You probably only need 
about 3 if you don't ever intend to use for print publishing. 5MP will 
do a passable, publishable 8x10 for print, 3 MP will not. The viewfinder 
is actually digitized, but views through the lens (SLR). You can do just 
about anything with it. Best just to go find a website with specs to see 
all features.

The first model, model 7, was praised for features but considered very 
slow with autofocus. The 7i made significant improvements, although, I'm 
not happy with autofocus in situations requiring a quick shudder 
release. The 7hi???, I think it is, is supposed to be further refined.

Finally, I like that it feels like a regular 35mm in my hands, and the 
most needed manual controls are easy to access. Most of the images I 
have shown in my Gallery were taken with my 7i, so that might be a 
reference for trueness to color, but I don't think that is a big issue 
with any of the 3+ MP cameras built in the last year.

If you are looking for contest quality print publishable images, you 
would probably have to go to a very high end digital camera for several 
thousand dollars, and, if you spoke to a professional photographer, s/he 
would probably still say you can't get the quality possible with 35mm. 
If you are like me and want to have the capability to go as demanding as 
8x10 publishable, you can probably find something (5 MP) very good for 
between $750-3000 (sometimes the same camera at a different vendor).

For your information, if I had had the money, I might have looked harder 
at the Olympus E-10 two years ago. Very high quality in every way camera 
for very good price. It's of course been replaced by new generation(s). 
You should visit,…, in my opinion, 
to get more detailed answers and for making a choice based on features 
most important to you. I believe, in the past year, too many really good 
5 MP cameras have entered the market to offer more advice than to direct 
you to good review sources, so you can pick the camera that offers the 
best combination of features you, in particular, are interested in.

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