Digital cameras

diana chapman
Mon, 02 Feb 2004 08:13:23 PST
Hi Jim:

Many thanks for the advice.  I am NOT experienced with photography, and I am
not likely to get interested.  I just want photographs of my plants, so I
absolutely don't want the high-end cameras.  I did have a Koolpix 4000 for a
short while, and found it quite terrifying.  I really want something easy to
use.  Taking pictures of pollen grans or the hairs on a bee's leg isn't what
I want, but I do want to get within two to three inches and get a good
picture.  For me, I need something that is not bulky, easy to understand and
easy to use otherwise I won't use it.  When I was young I bought a good
camera to take on multi-day rock climbs to get photographs of the
spectacular settings, I took it twice and it stayed in the haul bag almost
all of the time.  I never used it again.



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