J.E. Shields
Mon, 02 Feb 2004 07:56:37 PST
Hi Kathy,

Galanthus are in the Amaryllis Family (Amaryllidaceae).  All the plants in 
the Amaryllidaceae contain toxic, unpleasant tasting alkaloids, especially 
in the bulbs.  So bulbs like Narcissus are almost immune to predation by 
voles, mice, squirrels, and gophers.  The above-ground parts may not be so 
unpleasant tasting and they may be nibbled by rabbits or deer.

Tell us where in the world you live, and we can suggest which species will 
do best in the ground and which in containers.  For instance, here in 
central Indiana (USDA cold zone 5, AHS heat zone ca 6), I grow some in the 
ground and they love it (in the shade, not in full sun).  However, I grow 
Galanthus reginae-olgae in a pot in the greenhouse, because it is likely to 
be tender outdoors in the ground.

Best regards,
Jim Shields

At 07:34 AM 2/2/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>........I have a question about pest resistance, though.  Currently they 
>are in pots because I have a bad vole problem and because I wanted to keep 
>an eye on them until I know more about them.  Are they unappealing to 
>voles, gophers, deer, or am I just providing dessert if I plant them in 
>the ground uncaged?
>Kathy Stokmanis

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