Amaryllid Sources in USA- Griffinia and allied

R.J. Lopez
Mon, 19 Jan 2004 07:29:26 PST
Hello Friends.

First allow me to say that I read all your messages regularly though I 
rarely post. TOW's in particular have been a great education. Keep it up!

I think of myself as a beginner at only 3 years of growing and collecting. 
My frostfree garage contains a modest collection of about 200 pots. 
Amaryllids and irids in particular have become a passion for me and I have 
started to explore them in detail, especially after purchasing the RHS 
Manual of Bulbs and thoroughly viewing the wiki site.

I am very fond of blue/lavender/purple. As such, Griffinias and Worsleyas 
have really become attractive. Are there other amaryllidiaceae that share 
this coloration?

Doing a google search for bulbs to purchase I found Amaryllis-plus as a 
source for these bulbs in the US. They have a couple. But that is it. Also, 
haven't found any seed sources. Can you guys help steer me in the right 
direction. I'd also appreciate some links to cultural information you have 
found particularly useful. Replies to benderlaw a t hotmail dot com. 
Cheers, RJ Lopez in Raleigh, NC

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