Amaryllid Sources in USA- Griffinia and allied

Kelly Irvin
Mon, 19 Jan 2004 07:53:27 PST
Hi, R.J.! I know that Mauro Peixoto offers some Amaryllid seed. I've 
ordered Hippeastrum species seed from him before. I've not seen him 
offer Griffinia seed, but he appears to grow a number of species 
(whether just one plant or more, I don't know). You might inquire with 
him, mpeixoto at, to see if he ever has Griffinia seed 
available. The Hippeastrum seeds I have ordered before germinated well. 
You can see some of his pictures at, 

R.J. Lopez (by way of Mary Sue Ittner ) wrote:

> I am very fond of blue/lavender/purple. As such, Griffinias and 
> Worsleyas have really become attractive. Are there other 
> amaryllidiaceae that share this coloration?
> Doing a google search for bulbs to purchase I found Amaryllis-plus as 
> a source for these bulbs in the US. They have a couple. But that is 
> it. Also, haven't found any seed sources. Can you guys help steer me 
> in the right direction.

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