Fall 2003 Issue PNWLS Bulletin

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Sun, 25 Jan 2004 06:31:56 PST
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> "In the Fall 2003 Pacific Northwest Lily Society Bulletin, Thomas Hornback, 
> son of Earl, has an article (P5-9) giving his recollections of the lily 
> project, including that de Graff had no interest in lilies until purchasing 
> breeding stock from Earl and his brother Howard in 1947.  These lilies were raised 
> originally from a plot of plants kept near his (Earl's) house, starting in 
> about 1940. This is of course at variance with -- or at least a different 
> account of -- everything I've seen previously, and is the recollection of Thomas, 
> rather than written records, as far as I see.  

Joe ~

Above excerpt from the Fall 2003 issue.  I've been through the huge stack of 
mail here in CA and I've not run across my copy.  I recall you asking about 
where to mail it and I remember telling you to mail it to my PO Box as it would 
get forwarded to CA.  Any idea what has happened to it?  You did mail it, 
didn't you . . . ?


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