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David Victor davidxvictor@mailblocks.com
Sun, 25 Jan 2004 07:05:43 PST
Dear Mary Sue,

I'm sorry that its taken some time to come back to you but I've been 
working flat out on a strategy report for an orchestra for which I am a 
Director.  I've still not quite finished it but I need to stand back from 
it for a while so I thought that I would catch up with my mail.

I spoke to Richard about the Oxalis list as he needs to be kicked gently 
every now and again for his own good.  He is a frustrating mix of someone 
who is extremely knowledgeable and eccentric at the same time.  He spends 
all of his time researching the Geraniaceae (Oxalis is in Geraniaceae in 
some views of the family) and, basically, all at his own expense.  He lives 
off a pittance that he generated by selling his father's house some years 
ago.  A true English eccentric, take my word for it.  However, nothing I 
have said should make you think that his work is not done with great skill 
and concentration; it is of very high quality.  By all means when you visit 
look at other examples of his work; I think that I have virtually all of 
them in my library.

We are about 40 miles due north of the centre of London, not far from the 
M1 motorway - our equivalent of a freeway.  By rail, our nearest station is 
Leighton Buzzard which is 4 miles from here and 40 minutes from Euston 
mainline station in London.

One possibility on the car rental return is to take it to Luton airport, 
which is quite close to here.  It depends on which rental company.  Their 
web site should tell you if they will take a return elsewhere than the 
starting point.  My experience elsewhere is that it can often be fixed 
beforehand, but not when you arrive.

I was hoping to go to the meeting but I'm going to be giving a lecture in 
Prague to the Saxifrage Society at that time.  Funnily enough I have 
another American coming here next week to do with that.  A guy called Dan 
Heims, who runs the Terra Nova Nursery.  Do you know him?  He's lending me 
some slides for the talk.

I'm sure we could get down to see Harry if you would like to.  I should 
warn you that both he and his wife are pretty eccentric; they are both 
getting on and Harry is somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun.  However, 
if you can live through that, there shouldn't be a problem.

By the way, did I tell you that 27th May is my 65th birthday?

We are just looking forward to some very cold weather.  The forecast 
suggests minus fourteen Centrigrade on Wednesday and freezing all day for 
the next five days of so.   A similar worry is that there may be quite a 
lot of snow.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed its not that bad.

I've just come in from one of the houses.  Cyrtanthus elatus x falcatus is 
flowering beautifully in the cold greenhouse and, in the warmer house, so 
is Bomarea kalbrayeri; two beutiful clusters of flowers hanging from the 
overhead lighting wiring!  Before too long three or four species of 
Tropaeolum should be coming into bloom; they are climbing up some netting 
on the shady side of that house.  Roll on Spring!

Best regards,
David Victor 

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