Dutch iris in the South/ Southeast

Mark Wilcox Mark.Wilcox4@Verizon.net
Wed, 07 Jan 2004 17:51:33 PST

I'm not fond of the foliage of these plants, but like the blooms quite a bit.
They could last longer...

I have a bulb of it here in Washington, DC, that has survived in my back yard
garden for years - at least since 1997 - through summer drought, winters warm &
dry, cold & wet.  In fact, I wasn't too sure what it was until it bloomed this
past spring.  Previously I had them for a single season in the front yard
garden, as they'd been somehow put into a lot of mixed Crocus corms!

The ones in front are long gone, as I removed them.  Don't remember now if the
one in back was intentional or an accidental planting.  It was a gorgeous blue
in bloom.

It's on a slight berm, which helps it to stay drained, about 5 inches (12.5 cm)
down, and comes up in fall with foliage that increases in late winter into
spring.  Now that I know what it is I'll fertilize it a bit.

After a low of 20 it struggled to reach 32 F°/0° C here today, but the Dutch
iris foliage was unscathed.

	Mark Wilcox

On Wed, 7 Jan 2004 11:37:22 -0500, Judy Glattstein wrote:

>I discuss Dutch iris in Texas in the manuscript of my bulb book. Now Timber
>Press wants to know about growing them in the South/ Southeast. Anyone out
>there who has successfully grown them for more than one season in North
>Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, anywhere?

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