Jack and Cedric

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Wed, 07 Jan 2004 18:59:28 PST
Dear All;
	For years our good friend Jack Elliot would extoll the 
earliness of the miniature daffodil 'Cedric Morris'. I never got 
around to begging a bulb from Jack before he became unavailable, but 
I did find a source 2 years ago. As Jack said, it is the earliest 
hardy narcissus.
	We had a fairly mild December and the bulbs came up with well 
formed leaves and buds. It even got close to 70 degrees on Jan 1, but 
the forecast look bad so I covered the now small clump with a plastic 
bell jar. Today-even after -2F and two inches of ice on the bell jar 
the bulbs are blooming. Tomorrow is supposed to be near 40F- the 
first day above freezing in 5 days and I expect a couple more buds to 
open. Last year it bloomed in Feb also well before any other 
Narcissus here.

	Thanks Jack for promoting 'Cedric Morris' and now it also 
helps to remind me of your bulb wisdom. Having a blooming Daffodil in 
January or even February in Zone 5 is wonderful!

	Best	Jim W.
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